Design a Shirt

Project Description

At Design a Shirt, I worked as a Full Stack Developer and used several languages, libraries/frameworks like JavaScript, React, Preact, Bootstrap, APIs like Algolia Search, Zendesk, AWS, S3, EC2 and Lambda functions for different purposes.
My other tasks included:
• Developed a design studio and UI (User Interface) in which a person can customize different quality shirts with the design of their choice and also put various high quality designs, cliparts, text, fonts, and the option to upload custom images to be printed on the shirts.
• Also worked on various online payment options such as Paypal, credit debit visa card, American Express etc. to facilitate the users. I also implemented Algolia search and Zendesk for help articles and customer support.
• Furthermore, I used CJ affiliate marketing API for marketing purposes.

Project Details

Client: Design a Shirt

Tags: Web

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